A Truly American Artform

Barbershop harmony is music.

It's music in a very pure form created with nothing but human voices coming together to create a rich and satisfying texture that is pleasing to the ears and invigorating to the soul. Whether you're an experienced musician or a brand new musician, barbershop levels the playing field and allows you to find your voice and be a part of creating something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Barbershop harmony is fraternity.

Men from all over the world and from all walks of life and all ages can come together and share in this truly American artform and find common ground through self expression in song. The friendships forged through barbershop harmony bridge gaps that no other hobby is capable of doing, and for many devotees, barbershop is far more than a hobby. It's a passion.

Barbershop harmony is a way of life.

Perfecting this musical artform takes commitment. When done well, our music reaches audiences on a personal level. You will experience personal growth, build self-confidence and create lasting memories as you work with others to perform for a variety of audiences, from large concerts to intimate Singing Valentines. And the lessons learned in barbershop last a lifetime.

The Evolution

Back in the day before radio and TV, if you wanted music, you made it. You pulled out the fiddle, someone broke out the harmonica, and off you went. If you didn't have instruments, you sang. If you had a couple of guys, you sang harmony!

The typical old Barbershop song has a relatively simple melody that most anyone can sing, and most anyone can harmonize with. That was part of the allure - you didn't need to be a professional singer. You didn't have to have a great voice to make great music. It was this simple: 4 men together could sound better than any of the individuals, and they could have one heck of a fun time singing together.

Barbershop is an amazing amalgamation of the music that came to America from all over the world. Part of what makes it uniquely American is that Barbershop emerged from the great melting pot. It couldn't have emerged anywhere else!

The Barbershop sound of today respects and elevates the old songs, while advancing the musical genre to keep it relevant in the modern world.

Barbershop Harmony Society

The Gold Rush Chorus is proud to be a chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society since 1983.

The Barbershop Harmony Society brings men together in harmony and fellowship to enrich lives through singing

Barbershop Today

If you have a Netflix account...

You have to watch American Harmony!

It's a documentary that takes you inside a couple of Barbershop Harmony Society International Competitions.

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