Have us sing for you!

With a couple of weeks notice the Gold Rush Chours is ready to perform in the El Dorado Country region

If you email us one of our members will respond as quickly as possible to set up a performace. We can also provide quartets and an octet for performaces.

As always, proceeds from our show are what fund our community service programs.

Come to our Shows!

We typically put on Spring and Fall shows. The Spring show is our "big show of the year", and typically happens in late April. For our Fall show, we try to put on more of a Cabaret atmosphere in a more intimate setting. Both shows are a ton of fun featuring the chorus, quartets, local high school performers, and a headline quartet.

As we get closer to show dates, you'll see lots more stuff on our site.

Watch a Sample of a Performance

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Or Hire a Quartet

Rumor Has It

Rumor Has It consists of Bernard Carlson (bass), Bob Stucky (lead), Russ Toliver (baritone), and Kent Miller (tenor). RHI is a high quality, entertaining quartet. RHI puts on a 30 minute performance featuring music from old-time barbershop to Beatles, to (coming soon) jazz!

Harmony By Design

Harmony by Design began with four guys who enjoyed each other's company and wanted to have fun singing together. In January of 2013, we all decided that if our wives/girlfriends could get us to stand still long enough, they could hose us down, clean us up and we could actually look like a real quartet! We began rehearsals and were thrilled to perform 'Singing Valentines' in February. We then decided to get our feet wet in competition by entering the Far Western District's Northern California contest, directly followed by the Far Western District's Division contest. We have also performed at other shows with the Gold Rush Chorus based in Placerville, CA. We have been having a blast ever since and encourage every barbershopper to sit down with three other guys, (preferably 4 different parts...duh!) and form a quartet to have some serious fun!

HBD consists of:

Bill Faulkner (Baritone with Gold Rush Chorus and Voices of California), James Dyer (Bass and current President of Gold Rush Chorus), Jeff Nelson (Lead and current Director of Gold Rush Chorus), Brandon Dyer (Tenor with Voices of California).

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