If it looks like we're having fun

It's because we ARE!

Everybody Sings

And everybody loves to sing! In the car, in the shower, to our kids. One common denominator of every person on this planet is that at some point, everyone has a song in their heart every single day of their lives.

That's the power of music

Imagine being given the gift of the opportunity to entertain people. EVERYONE has troubles in their lives. When we entertain them, we give them the opportunity to forget that stuff, and just enjoy the show. You have to experience it to fully appreciate it; but, I promise you the first time you perform, your heart will sing as loud as your voice

Why Barbershop?

What we've found in Barbershop Harmony is a the super-most-best-est hobby ever. Barbershop Harmony is traditionally a men's 4-part, A Cappella style. What is special about Barbershop compared to most harmonic styles of singing is the concept of "ringing" a chord. When we do that, the resonances are so strong, you can feel it in your chest. You can even hear 1 or 2 overtone notes that come from the resonance - no one is singing those notes!

I can't read music either!

Being able to read music isn't important. I certainly can't, and I'm the Lead Section leader. We provide everything you need - including learning tracks.

Learning tracks are recordings of a quartet singing a song - you sing along with them, just like you do to the radio now. We also provide basic singing and performance coaching. All you need to do is show up, and participate!

So Join Us!

All we ask is that you come to one rehearsal, and see what you think. Our rehearsals are on Tuesday Nights at:

Church of the Nazarene
6040 Mother Lode Dr
Placerville, CA 95667
We start at 7PM, and sing until about 9:15.

Everyone is welcome! We will not pressure you to sing - just come and see what we're about!

Watch a Sample of a Performance

And don't lose sight of what we do for the community!

Not only will you be bringing light into people's lives, you'll be helping your community too! Over the last decade, our small group has raised and donated over $50,000 to youth music programs. What a deal! Have a great time, entertain people, and do some good in the world!